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CDF dances with students of all ages and abilities in a creative, non-competitive environment in our community arts center in Homewood and at more than 20 social service agencies, child care centers and schools throughout Birmingham. Our dance classes and performances inspire all children, including the child who is homeless, very young, disadvantaged or at-risk, and the child who has special needs. CDF is a non-profit organization supported by generous corporations, foundations and individuals.

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Fantastic Mr. Fox!

We are thrilled to announce this summer’s StageDoor Youth Theatre production, Fantastic Mr. Fox, directed by Rebecca Yeager.

Fantastic Mr. Fox is a story by Roald Dahl, and this version is dramatized beautifully by David Wood.  It is an adventurous story about a community of animals, championed by Mr. Fox, who are fighting for food, their homes, and their happiness against


Summer Registration is Open

Registration for summer is now open!  

SUMMER SESSEION June 1 – August 1, 2015

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Spring Adult Dance Class

January 6 through April 28.  Drop in basis:  $10 per class.   Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30.

This beginner-level class, taught by CDF teaching artist Sara Turney, will focus on developing muscular coordination, core strength, and the basic technical elements of dance while exploring contemporary createive movement.  Moving at a slow and fluid pace, this class will


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You can hear it echoing through the building as you walk down the hallway – music, laughter, stomping feet.  Everyone here knows its dance day with Children’s Dance Foundation, a special day each week when each child gets to shine!  As you enter the room you see them, children who this morning awoke in a homeless shelter with dozens of

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